OUR Process

Simplicity and communication are just two of the elements we bring to our potential clients.  We find so many homeowners getting extremely complicated bids with codes and item numbers that are impossible to understand.  Our bids and our process are very thorough and yet clear and simple to understand.  Communication is also key in preparing a bid that accurately portrays what our homeowners want.  We know the questions to ask and the potential problems that could arise before a project starts so our bids include the entire scope of the project.  We have a team approach with our project managers so when homeowners are communicating with us at the bid process they are talking with the ones that will be overseeing the job everyday.  This is a very important part of our business model and why we have had great success with the quality of our projects.   Principle involvement from both of us as owners is key for a well-run project.

When we are on site and hands on with every step of the project it allows us to make any needed decisions and to see any challenges at the time they arise. This lets us communicate with our homeowners and subcontractors immediately, making our time on a project very efficient.

We have used the same incredibly talented subcontractors for years and years.  We do not change subs from homeowner to homeowner, which allows us to make sure each project receives the same quality and efficient process that are we known for.   We pay our subcontractors on time and value their teamwork so our jobs are top priority when it comes to pre-construction meetings, bids, scheduling and job walks with them.


Cornerstone demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism, attention to detail and personal attention. I highly recommend Brian, Jeff and their team for your project.